3M FlexAbility for employees

FlexAbility at 3M

When and where do you do your best work? What could you do differently to achieve your goals at work and at home? At 3M, you can rework your schedule based on YOU.

Here, we offer simple, individual arrangements between each 3Mer and their supervisor for a flexible work practice that maximizes professional and personal productivity.

FlexAbility puts into practice a new way of thinking: that your work life and your personal life can coexist. A FlexAbility plan can put the power in your hands to make choices that benefit you, your work, your team, your friends and family, and 3M.

  • Tracy Schefers image

    Tracy Schefers

    Tracy Schefers was in her third role at 3M, and had always been based at 3M headquarters in St. Paul, Minn., but in July 2016, her boyfriend got a job in Portland, Ore and Tracy hoped to relocate with him. Thanks to FlexAbility, she was able to keep her job and is now working remotely, full time from Portland.

    “I have always loved 3M, but now I feel even more positive about and committed to the organization,” Tracy adds. “The fact that 3M allows us to have these opportunities shows they really care about our work/life balance.”

  • Wende Miner

    Wende Miner

    Wende Miner says her work-life balance has changed “100 percent" since adopting FlexAbility. Wende uses FlexAbility on a daily basis, working from home a majority of the week unless she has important face-to-face meetings. This schedule allows her to gain back those several hours of would-be commute time, and she is now able to juggle dedication to both her work and her family. Wende even says FlexAbility has helped improve her health – she’s been able to add in a lunchtime run!

    “FlexAbility, to me, means sanity,” Wende says. “It means a work-life balance. It means being a more happy and successful 3M employee.”

  • Mel Moss

    Mel Moss

    Mel Moss, a global marketer for 3M's Personal Safety Division, uses FlexAbility to adjust her schedule when she has personal business to attend to, and she can work offsite if she has a cold or isn't feeling great. Since adopting FlexAbility, Mel says she takes advantage of it about once a week. "I can honestly say that I feel more productive as I'm not being interrupted by people," Mel says. "And if someone needs me, I'm just a button or a click away."

  • Javier Carlos De Isusi

    Javier Carlos De Isusi

    For Javier Carlos De Isusi, an Application Engineer working out of Madrid, Spain, the option to work from home changed his entire day-to-day work experience. A 50 km (31 miles) commute to the office was chipping away at quality time with his family, and he was looking for a change.

    “Working from home is satisfactory not only for the company and the worker but also for the family and social environment and entails savings of time and expenses for both,” Javier says. “It is a simple implementation program that helps improve the quality of life of workers. FlexAbility is just great!”