3M employee mentorships

Mentorships at 3M

  • At 3M, wisdom is shared. Just as we share and combine our technologies, we also share and combine our knowledge through mentorship and storytelling. We define mentoring as a unique relationship in which a mentor (a more experienced person) helps a mentee (a less experienced person) with their development in a particular area.

    From executive, regional and functional mentoring to cause-based and informal, 3M offers a mentorship opportunity appropriate virtually for every individual. We value your unique career journey and want each employee to learn and grown in a nurturing, challenging and respectful environment. We understand the important role that relationship-based development can play in helping employees navigate 3M culture, environment, opportunities and more. At 3M, you’ll find different paths for mentorship:

    • Informal mentoring: Individuals in the same profession or field self-select each other to create one-on-one relationships. Informal mentoring is available to all employees, globally.
    • Formal mentoring: We offer many options for formal 3M mentoring programs, and each department’s Human Resources Manager helps individuals assess which is a best fit for them.

    Every employee can benefit from mentoring and we hope they do. Engaging in a mentoring relationship – as either a mentor or a mentee – has been shown to enhance job satisfaction, increase engagement levels, and develop professional and leadership skills. In addition, participating in a mentoring program can:

    • Support and accelerate development at 3M
    • Improve job satisfaction and retention
    • Facilitate knowledge sharing
    • Provide opportunities to network and build relationships