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reflective sheeting for traffic signs

Retroreflective Sheeting to Enable Safer Roads

Brighter signs for safer roads

3M has provided some of the leading traffic safety solutions around the world. Retroreflective technology is one of them, and was pioneered for development by 3M some 80 years ago. Explore the light return efficiency of 3M™ Engineer Grade Sheeting, 3M™ High Intensity Sheeting, and 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Sheeting to determine the visibility requirements when designing safer roads.

3M retroreflective sign sheeting solutions exceed MS 1216 : 2003, LLM T1/07, JKR ATJ 2E/87 (Pindaan 2011) JKR 21300-0033-12 and ASTM D4956-17 minimum retroreflectivity requirements.

Range of retroreflective sheeting grades and performance

Different road types and usage require a suitable level of retroreflective sheeting for better road visibility. Discover the right reflective sheeting for your project and learn more about the different retroreflective sheeting grades below:


Polycarbonate cube corner
retroreflective technology

3M™ Engineer Grade Sheeting

Truncated cube
retroreflective technology

3M™ High Intensity Sheeting

Full cube
retroreflective technology

3M™ Diamond Grade™ Sheeting
ASTM Type Type I
(7300 Series)
Type IV Type XI
Percentage Light Returned to Driver 14% 32% 58%
Sign Position Suitable for non-critical signs and devices Suitable for shoulder mounted signs Suitable for all sign positions
Day & Night Views 3m reflective sheeting engineering grade high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting 3m diamond grade reflective sheeting
Warranty No warranty 8-year warranty 10-year warranty

*For complete warranty information, contact a 3M representative

Retroreflective sheeting applications

Find the right retroreflective sheeting for traffic signs that suit your project's visibility requirements. Make an informed decision by learning more about the components needed and the installation process.

See how 3M Retroreflective Sign Sheeting can look in your project

Case study: Brightening a US highway for elderly drivers and tourists

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