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road markers

Road Markings

High-visibility guidance that makes a difference

When it comes to giving drivers extra visual guidance, 3M’s high-performing road marking solutions truly go the distance:

• Easy to install
• Conform and/or exceed international road safety standards
• Offer superior visibility in the day or night in dry or wet conditions
• Built to withstand all kinds of traffic conditions, making them cost-effective

Find a road marking solution that meets your project's requirements today.

  • Learn more about 3M road studs that are designed for excellent visibility even in the most demanding traffic and weather conditions.

  • Constructed from high performance plastic and ASTM Type XI sheeting to deliver years of visibility and durability.

  • Redefine the line with 3M™ Connected Roads All Weather Elements. Compatible with most liquid pavement marking binders for all-weather visibility on roads.

See our Road Markings in action

Watch the video to see a night-time drive-through view when using 3M's road markings and retroreflective sheeting.


Download the case study to find out how 3M helped to enhance the safety of the Sonepur Digha Bridge in India.


3M™ Flexible Median Markers on the Digha-Sonepur Bridge over the Ganga

Case study: Quick and easy road stud installation for 61km of roads

  • road studs used for a traffic safety case study
  • Location: M3 Motorway, Ireland
    Year(s): 2007-2010
    Operator: Eurolink Motorway Operations Ltd M3

    Ease of installation of road safety solutions was a key concern for timely construction of 61km of roads. 3M Road Studs proved to be easy to work with, resulting in the M3 opening ahead of schedule. The product is also engineered for durability and cost-effectiveness.

    Download the full case study:
    M3 Project Studded with High Performing Road Studs (80 KB)

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