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3m dental solutions for caries prevention

Solutions for Preventive Dental Care

Total prevention for lifelong oral health - from clinic to home.

3M has developed dental solutions to help patients achieve life-long oral health through the effective management and prevention of caries. Adopting the minimal intervention approach, our range of products provide a continuum of care, restoring and protecting natural teeth while preventing the onset of problems like cavities and periodontal disease.


From topical fluoride application to sealing, 3M’s integrated process offers oral protection for children and adults alike. Discover how our dental care products help patients attain strong, healthy smiles.


Innovative Solutions for Different Preventive Procedures

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  • clinpro white varnish topical fluride application

    Complete, extended fluoride coverage is key for accelerating remineralisation and arresting the development of caries. Clinpro XT Varninsh offers targeted, sustained fluoride release with low viscosity for easy flow and adherence.

  • clinpro sealant for dental caries prevention

    3M™ Clinpro™ Sealant offers smart color-change technology - it goes on pink for easy-to-see application, and cures to a natural white. Its low viscosity allows it to flow easily into pits and fissures, for complete fluoride coverage that bonds effectively to enamel.

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Featured Case Studies

  • Individual Prevention Program


    See how topical fluoride applications reduce hypersensitivity through precipitating sodium or calcium fluoride on the tooth surface, creating a barrier and blocking dentinal tubules.