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Heat Shrink, Cold Shrink, Resin and Tapes for Low Voltage

3M has a historical presence at Power Utilities with leadership on insulation technologies including resin, tapes, heat shrink and cold shrink.
These insulation technologies offer a variety of solutions for Power Utilities specifically in low voltage applications.

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Performance, Installation and Supply you can trust.

3M Expertise in insulative technologies for Power Cable Accessories.


Insulation material expertise on Resin, Heat Shrink, Tapes and Cold Shrink

At Power Utility, our insulation technologies offer all solutions to build cable accessories or to insulate, seal or identify all power cables.

Check the 3 sections below for more details to learn how resin and tapes can rebuild the insulation in low voltage power cable joints, find the tape you need for each application or discover our end-caps and breakout boots in heat-shrink technology or even better in cold shrink version for an easier and reliable installation.

  • Easy to use with a unique closed mixing and pouring system (CMP). 3M resin kits can be used in only four working steps – from mixing in a two-chamber bag to safely pouring the mix into the one-part mould body.

    The resin can then be either poured in a mould or injected in a GTS (General Tape System)

    Read more about Electrical Resins

  • Electrical taping is still an essential skill in many areas of installation. 3M has a wide range of insulative, semi-conductive, conductive tapes, mastics and sealants that meet most needs for:​  

    • Power cable jointing​
    • Sealing​
    • Cable jacket repair​
    • Insulation and protection​
    • Cable bundling​
    • Cable wire marking ​
    • Corrosion protection

    Read more about Electrical Tapes and mastics

  • 3M Cable End Caps and Heavy Duty Boots offer good electrical and mechanical protection, plus sealing for power cables:​


    • Cold shrink end caps​
    • Heat shrink end caps​
    • Cold shrink Cable Breakout Boots​
    • Heat shrink Cable Breakout Boots​
    • Heat shrink tubing

     Read more about Heat shrink/cold shrink sealing

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How to install cold shrink end caps?

When using an electrical resin

  • Electrical resin kit shown in ground

    Resin: Simple, Quick and Fast

    • We have a range of polyurethane, epoxy or polybutadiene resins designed for mechanical protection, sealing and electrical installation of low voltage cable joints in a variety of standards, in particular for CENELEC - HD 623 S1 (Specification for Joints, Stop Ends and Outdoor Terminations for Distribution Cables of Rated Voltage 0,6/1,0 kV)  and for challenging environmental applications.​
    • High mechanical stress, changing temperatures, applications underwater and underground: jointing kits must resist the highest levels of stress. When it comes to cable jointing you expect maximum reliability, durability and low maintenance.
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Frequently Asked Questions: Heat shrink, cold shrink, resin, and electrical tapes for low voltage

  • The cold shrink end cap can be an easy and convenient way to protect your cable, compared to the heat shrink alternative.

    No torch or tools are required, it is safer and easier to apply.

    It doesn’t contain any adhesive and can be cut off for temporary applications. It offers a good environmental seal, protections and can prevent moisture ingress for both temporary and permanent applications.

  • Self-amalgamating Tape is highly conformable with a stable conductivity over a wide range of temperatures. The tapes are designed for medium and high voltage applications, they can be used to minimise the electric stress, for shielding or to continue semi-conducting strand shielding in polymeric cables.

  • ​​The selection can start with the standard IEC 60455-3-8:2021 which gives the requirements for resins for low and medium voltage cable accessories to meet established levels of performance.

    The selection will also be based on specific requirements, for example:
    The voltage class if the resin is intended to ensure an electrical insulation, the hardness for mechanical application, the exothermy depending on the volume to be used, the gel time depending on time for installation , the re-enterability need or not, the fire-retardancy, the cable temperature rating.

    Then the electrical performance of the kit will be described in standards such as EN 50393 or CENELEC-HD 623-S1 for low voltage applications and IEC 60502-4 or CENELEC-HD 629 for medium voltage application.

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