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Improving lives and enhancing communities

3Mgives continues to support initiatives that have a real impact in communities that provide solutions to some of the most pressing challenges. 

3M Community Programs

  • Hunger Relief Project
    Hunger Relief Project

    A big thank you to MERCY Malaysia for their partnership with 3M to address hunger issues facing under-resourced community members, as the economic disruption associated with COVID-19 is exacerbating challenges to consistent food access for many. The fund from 3M of more than RM22,000 was channeled to MERCY Malaysia to provide food packages to the communities in PPR Seri Johor, Kuala Lumpur & Perumahan Awam Seri Negeri Sembilan, Sentul. #mercymalaysia

  • Protecting the pupils of Johor Bahru
    Protecting the pupils of Johor Bahru

    In June 2019, an incident of airborne pollution affected several thousand people including a large number of students in Pasir Gudang, Johor, causing them to suffer breathing difficulties and nausea.

    3M Malaysia stepped in to donate 1,000 units of 3M™ Disposable Respirator 9042, P2 and share its expertise on the effects, correct donning, care and maintenance of respirators to help protect students in the 12 schools affected by airborne pollution in the area.

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    Working with healthcare partners

    3M Malaysia works closely with hospitals and is committed to supporting their initiatives to aid. Below are several examples of past initiatives from 2018:

    • As part of our efforts to spread joy to the children who were admitted in Hospital Kuala Lumpur, the 3M Sports Club committee organized a visit to the pediatric ward. During the visit, we distributed 70 “Boxes of Love” to the children and donated various toys to the hospital.
    • Dr. Prof Jeya, the President of the Malaysian Infusion Nurses Special Interest Group (MINSIG), worked with 3M Malaysia to support the patients who has gone through Intra Venous Therapy with the theme of “We Learn Together & We Care For Our Patients Together”.
  • 3M Spain volunteers
    Engagements with Pusat Jagaan Rumah Juara

    3M Malaysia is dedicated to aid the less fortunate community to improve their lives. We consistently engage with Pusat Jagaan Rumah Juara to positively influence the underprivileged children. Below are examples of some activities that we have done:

    • Spark their interest in art and science by conducting fun activities related to STEAM.
    • Arranging a fun-filled outing for the children to the Gardenia bread factory where they got the see and learn the processes involved in the production of bread making.
    • 3M Malaysia celebrated Christmas with the children of Pusat Jagaan Rumah Juara.
  • Festive cheers for the less fortunate

    While festive seasons are commonly associated to spending time with loved ones, let’s not forget about the less fortunate. That is why 3M Malaysia employees dedicate their time to run programs that will brighten up the lives of children.

    • In conjunction with Chinese New Year, our employees from Penang visited Rumah Kebajikan Seri Cahaya. They organized fun activities and experiments using Novec™ Fluid, 3M™ VHB™ Tape and Scotch-Brite™ scourers for craft work. Our employees even gave out “Ang Pao” (red packets to the children.
    • During Hari Raya, we organized a fun filled Hari Raya celebration with children from Rumah Nur Sakinah. 3M Malaysia employees bonded with the children over delicious food as well as fun activities specially organized for the children. In addition to that, 3M Malaysia also held a donation drive amongst their employees to purchase necessities for the home.
  • Safeguarding students of SMJK Chung Hwa

    In 2018, an ammonia leakage from an ice factory near SMJK Chung Hwa led to the death of 2 factory workers. Shortly after, six pupils from the school were admitted to the hospital for nausea – a suspected cause from inhaling ammonia gas. 3M Malaysia stepped in to donate various PPE products worth more than RM36,000 in efforts to protect students and teachers from the dangerous gas.

    The 3M team also conducted a talk which helped students and faculty members better understand the specifications of each product, and the correct way to use these products.

  • Drinking Water Week

    At 3M, we believe that all Malaysians should have access to cleaner, clearer and better tasting water. In 2015, the Drinking Water Week Campaign was launched, and received favorable feedback from young families. The next year, a public campaign was held in 1 Utama to raise awareness and advocacy for cleaner, clearer and better-tasting water and to inculcate good drinking water habits amongst Malaysians.

    In 2017, we partnered with 11street to host a Charity Badminton Clinic where 35 children from 2 orphanage homes (Rumah Victory Children & Youth Home and Pure Life Society) got to participate in the program.

  • Penang Flood Relief Fund
    Natural disasters are unpredictable events that causes damage to local communities. To help Rumah Charis Community Point rebuild after the flood, 3M Malaysia organized a Flood Relief Fund amongst employees. For every ringgit donated by 3Mers, 3M Malaysia did a 1:1 matching for the amount collected. The home received a total of RM8,900.
  • Visiting Wizard Education Program
    3M Visiting Wizards visits various schools and conducts STEM themed programs to foster student’s interest in science and technology. 3M Wizards showcase interesting and fun science demonstrations and hands-on experiments on a variety of topics.