Inspiring our next generation to make a positive impact.

3M’s Commitment to Education

3M believes in investing in the leaders of tomorrow. By actively engaging with both educators and students, we are helping to mold the future generation.

3M Education Programs

  • Frontline Team

    Nurturing the Leaders of Tomorrow

    In efforts of helping students understand real-world challenges and what qualities make them more employable, Parameswaran Nair, Managing Director of 3M Malaysia gave a talk at INTI University and College in Nilai.

    His talk entitled “Boost Your Chance of Getting Employed”, provided valuable insights and real-life advice on how to succeed in the working world.

    More than 50 students attended the talk and the top 10 students from INTI even got a chance to get a short private Q&A session.

  • 3M sponsorship of WorldSkills

    Customer Innovation Center visits

    3M Customer Innovation Center (CIC) is a facility that is designed to showcase the breadth and depth of 3M technology and how we use 3M Science to improve lives.

    Besides hosting customers, the CIC is also open to students as a way to spark the interest of STEM in students.

    Some of the universities that we have engaged includes Lim Kok Wing University, National University of Malaysia and INTI College.

  • scholarship recipient

    Oral Care Trainings

    3M promotes lifelong oral health by developing innovative dental solutions, and providing dental practitioners with the knowledge to do so. Below are some of the engagements that is continuously conducted:

    • Clinical hands on workshops in the Customer Innovation Center.
    • Lectures and workshops to both private and government dentists.
    • State level dental education talks for the Ministry of Health’s dentists.
    • International speakers are invited to conduct lectures and hands-on workshops to local dentists.
    • We collaborate with the Dental Student Association to organize competitions and dental student events.

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