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Inspiring our next generation to make a positive impact.

3M’s Commitment to Education

3M believes in investing in the leaders of tomorrow. By actively engaging with both educators and students, we are helping to mold the future generation.

3M Education Programs

  • STEM Education Program with Teach For Malaysia

    According to the MOE's 2013 – 2025 National Education Blueprint, more than two-thirds of students in the majority of high-need schools in Malaysia come from challenging socioeconomic backgrounds.

    Teach For Malaysia (TFM) aims to provide all children in Malaysia with excellent education and raise teaching as a profession of choice. Through TFM's rigorous recruitment and selection efforts, TFM recruits high performing and passionate individuals who champion for equal opportunity to excellent education.

    As such, 3M awarded TFM with a $17,500 (>RM72k) grant which was used for:

    • The Fund a Fellow program which sponsored and provided a high-need school with a teacher for a year
    • Purchasing various teaching aids which includes a Van De Graaff generator, a 3D printer, laptops and other equipment for a school in Kepong
    • The development of a sustainable farm called Projek Hijau which helps students from a school in Kepong gain practical understanding of the technology behind a garden aquaponic system
  • Building self-confidence and digital literacy for Malaysia’s at-risk-youths

    From the 26th of October 2020 to the 18th of December 2020, 3M Malaysia and MySkills Foundation organized a virtual online talent show contest called, MySkills Got Talent as part of 3M’s Global Volunteer Day program in 2020.

    The purpose of the online talent show was to allow students to enhance their digital literacy and self-confidence by allowing them to showcase their talents online within a supportive community. Therefore, students were encouraged to persevere and find creative ways to hone their skills and talents amidst the uncertainty and challenges wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    To enter the contest, students of the MySkills Foundation were required to upload a 1-2-minute video of themselves or their group performing. The semi-finalists that made it to the top 20 were then paired with a 3Mer who provided virtual coaching. During these 1-1 virtual coaching sessions, 3M volunteers spent time getting to know the students and provided students with constructive feedback on how they could improve their performance. After the coaching session, students had the choice to re-upload their improved performances in the hopes of advancing to the final round of the competition. Eventually, the winners of the competition were decided by popular vote from 3Mers in Malaysia.

  • Coaching budding youths on entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship

    On the 4th of December 2020, Malaysia’s country leader, Mr. GT Lim spoke to more than 30 attendants of the iCUBE Coffee Connection 2.0 event about entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship opportunities in business.

    Mr. GT Lim gave attendants an overview of 3M’s established history and emphasized how the company continues to remain innovative today. 3M’s humble beginnings in mining soon flourished into other business groups such as healthcare, safety and industrial, transportation and electronics, and consumer goods due to 3M’s spirit of entrepreneurism that lies at the core of the company. At 3M, Mr. GT Lim emphasized that people are celebrated for their entrepreneurship efforts, and not discouraged by their failures. However, intrapreneurship doesn’t always have to be in the form of creating a new product as there are always new ways of doing things such as process improvement which is equally as important for the continued growth of a company.

    Afterwards, students were given an opportunity to engage in an interactive Q&A session with Mr. GT Lim in various Zoom breakout rooms throughout the session. In the last breakout room, students were given a fun challenge on the topic of road safety to solve alongside Mr. GT Lim’s guidance.

  • Addressing Income Inequality for Malaysia’s Underprivileged Youth

    To help at-risk youth better integrate into society, the IMPIAN Program by 3M and V2T provided entrepreneurship training and mentoring opportunities for more than 40 young adults from 5 non-profit organisations in Malaysia. Conducted over a period of six months, the program allowed participants to learn practical knowledge such as financial planning, budgeting, property investment, customer analysis, digital marketing, sales strategy, and operations. They were also provided mentors who were able to help them improve their interpersonal skills.

    Culminating in a successful 100% participation rate (zero dropouts), the IMPIAN program recorded the following positive feedback:

    • 97.5% of participants are more confident to start their own business upon finishing their training with the IMPIAN program.
    • 75% of participants admit that they have more clarity on their future goals and visions after attending the training program.
    • 92.5% of participants acquired practical steps to better exercise their finances and admit to already using the concepts that were shared during the mentoring sessions.
  • Boosting Employability in this VUCA world

    On the 25th of November 2020, 3M Malaysia’s country leader, Mr. GT Lim spoke to more than 100 students from the Faculty of Business Management & Professional Studies of Management and Science University (MSU) about how to boost their employability in a world that constantly experiences Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA).

    Employability, according to Mr. GT Lim, is about creating your own luck by being well prepared when the opportunity arises. Students were encouraged to make use of free online learning resources that would help them boost their knowledge on how to remain relevant and knowledgeable during the job search period. Apart from that, the importance of finding an organization that can provide employees with opportunities to learn, leap, and lead was also touched upon during the virtual talk.

    Towards the end of the session, Mr. GT Lim gave students an overview of 3M’s culture and vision statements, spoke about the opportunities within 3M’s 15% culture, and also elaborated on his own career journey. Afterwards, students were given an opportunity to engage in an interactive Q&A session with Mr. GT Lim.

  • Discovering careers in Engineering 

    The pandemic has heavily impacted the education sector, causing many students to feel unsure of their future. Therefore, in the interest of helping students maximize their potential, GT Lim, Country Leader of 3M Malaysia and Yen Sze Chan, Southeast Asia R&D Operations Lead, spent an afternoon speaking to more than 30 engineering students of Nottingham University Malaysia at a virtual speed networking event.

    The event focused on giving students an insight into careers in the engineering industry. During the networking sessions, students had the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about topics such as alternative careers for engineering graduates, differences between 3M’s business groups, and 3M’s overall company culture. They also learned more about engineering internship opportunities within 3M. All in all, students were encouraged to gain working experience and build up their resume and interviewing skills during the pandemic to enhance their employability in the long term.

  • Frontline Team
    Helping Students Boost Their Employability

    In light of the unprecedented circumstances brought by the COVID-19 crisis, Mr. GT Lim, Country Leader of 3M Malaysia gave a virtual career talk to inspire and encourage students of Nottingham University Malaysia.

    The talk was entitled “Boosting your employability”,  where Mr. GT Lim shared about external realities, what employers are looking for when hiring and how students need to continuously invest in their own development in order to build a solid career path. Despite the uncertainties created by the pandemic, Mr. GT Lim encouraged the students to be bold and remain open to different opportunities as this will allow them to gain invaluable work experience. He also shared personal insights on his career development journey with the participants; where more than 110 students attended the virtual presentation. At the end of the session, the students had an opportunity to engage with Mr. GT Lim and 3M’s HR team during the Q&A session.

  • Frontline Team
    Nurturing the Leaders of Tomorrow

    In efforts of helping students understand real-world challenges and what qualities make them more employable, Parameswaran Nair, Managing Director of 3M Malaysia gave a talk at INTI University and College in Nilai.

    His talk entitled “Boost Your Chance of Getting Employed”, provided valuable insights and real-life advice on how to succeed in the working world.

    More than 50 students attended the talk and the top 10 students from INTI even got a chance to get a short private Q&A session.

  • 3M sponsorship of WorldSkills
    Customer Innovation Center visits

    3M Customer Innovation Center (CIC) is a facility that is designed to showcase the breadth and depth of 3M technology and how we use 3M Science to improve lives.

    Besides hosting customers, the CIC is also open to students as a way to spark the interest of STEM in students.

    Some of the universities that we have engaged includes Lim Kok Wing University, National University of Malaysia and INTI College.

  • scholarship recipient
    Oral Care Trainings

    3M promotes lifelong oral health by developing innovative dental solutions, and providing dental practitioners with the knowledge to do so. Below are some of the engagements that is continuously conducted:

    • Clinical hands on workshops in the Customer Innovation Center.
    • Lectures and workshops to both private and government dentists.
    • State level dental education talks for the Ministry of Health’s dentists.
    • International speakers are invited to conduct lectures and hands-on workshops to local dentists.
    • We collaborate with the Dental Student Association to organize competitions and dental student events.