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Products for wearable medical device applications

  • Whatever product development stage you’re at, we’re ready to help you succeed with adhesive and tape components that function well together and deliver patient comfort. Our 3M experts can help you select the best components for your medical device design, from “skin-friendly” materials to aggressive medical adhesives used in your device development.

  • As a microfluidic device manufacturer, you have to ensure the highest possible level of reliability when designing blood glucose strips, lab-on-a-disc / lab-on-a-chip applications and other diagnostic consumables and devices. Patients rely on your device accuracy during pathogen detection, chronic disease monitoring, cancer screening, genetic biomarker detection, and food and environmental monitoring. Give your patients confidence when you design and manufacture your microfluidic devices using 3M's advanced materials and technologies.

  • As an eye care professional, there is a need for you to produce consistently high-quality optical lenses for your customers at a competitive cost. 3M Press-OnTM Optics are optical lenses that offer you the ability to correct several visual disorders in a simple, therapeutic way.

  • No matter how complex or specialised your application is, we want to help you succeed by providing the most compatible components and design for your medical device. You can take advantage of 3M's design and technical expertise and choose from a wide range of medical-grade adhesives and films which can be used within the construction of your medical devices.