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4 ways to help sharpen homework habits

4 ways to help sharpen homework habits

To help children succeed, it's important to nurture positive organizational skills and provide kids with an environment that fosters concentration. Here are some ways to help students develop skills to help reach their academic goals.

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    Designate a space for homework and study to underscore the importance of these practices. Keep essential tools in one place. Establish a tech-free zone to avoid distractions. Turn off TVs, ban text messaging and limit the computer to research tasks.

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    Create a routine. Choose a time that works best for the child to do homework and stick to that time every day. "Work before play" can motivate kids to get their homework done, but if the child plays sports or has after-school commitments, doing homework after dinner may be best.

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    Provide students with smart tools and study aids to help along the way. As students of all ages are facing increased pressure to perform, these products help students optimize time spent on homework and study and gain the control and confidence they need to meet their goals.

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    Map out assignments and plot homework on a schedule for simple reminders of daily, weekly or long-term assignments. Include other engagements like sports and music lessons to help kids have a clear picture of their schedule.

  • Michele Borba, Ed.D

    Michele Borba, Ed.D is an internationally renowned educator, TODAY Show contributor and parenting expert recognized for her solution-based strategies to strengthen children's character and reduce peer cruelty. 
    For more about her see: www.micheleborba.com or follow her on twitter @micheleborba

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