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Plan a Paper or Presentation

Plan a Paper or Presentation

Here’s how you can outline a paper or presentation using Post-it® Notes + Evernote. Then reorganize on the fly.

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    Start by writing major themes on individual Post-it® Notes. Stick them to a wall or arrange them in front of you on a table. Use one color for section headers; other colors can denote sub topics or supporting elements.

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    Play around with the order to establish a sense of flow. Once you’ve settled on a structure you’re happy with, capture each Post-it® Note in the series with the Evernote camera and save them to an appropriately titled notebook.

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    The best part about Post-it® Notes is they are quick and easy. If you have a better idea, jot it down, capture it with the Evernote camera and assign it to the notebook with all of your other notes.

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    By storing your Post-it® Notes in Evernote, you’ll have your notes wherever you go. And you can still keep your originals on display in your dorm or apartment. The visual reminder will keep you motivated to finish strong.

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