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Why use 3M™ Reflective Marking Tape?

Riding a motorcycle, especially after dark, can be hazardous for you and your passenger. Increasing your vehicle’s nighttime visibility can potentially save your life. A recent study by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) showed that retroreflective marking tapes, can help increase the visual detection of motorcycles by other motorists. The sooner you’re seen, the more time other motorists have to react. 3M™ Reflective Marking Tape a simple and easy-to-apply solution that’s proven to make your vehicle more visible.

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    Did you know*?

    • Two-wheelers, like motorcycles, account for 286,000 deaths globally, each year
    • 23% of all road traffic deaths occur on motorcycles
    • Nighttime traffic and road works are high risk factors for motorcycle accidents
    • Other risk factors include: mixed traffic conditions, vehicle speed, lack of safe infrastructure (poor road surfaces and roadside hazards)
    • The population of older drivers (aged 60+) is increasing; from 12% in 2013 to 21% in 2050
    • Vehicle manufacturers have replaced conventional headlights with Visually Optically Aimable (VOA) headlights; VOA headlights reduce the amount of light available to illuminate road signs

    *Source: Hinchliffe, M. April 3, 2017. UN suggests separate motorcycle lanes. Retrieved May 13, 2022.

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Where to install reflective stickers on a motorcyle.

Retroreflective marking tapes should be applied to the front, rear and sides of motorcycles. This will accentuate the visual profile of your motorcycle in dark and low light conditions, while enhancing all around visibility.

  • Where to install reflective stickers on a motorcyle
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Side above rear wheel

70 x 1.4 (x2 sides)

Estimated area ratio of 6% projections

Side gas tank

20 x 1.4 (x2 sides)

Estimated area ratio of 6% projections


Rear fender

15 x 2.5 (x2 strips)

Estimated area ratio of 30% projections


25 x 1.4 (x4 strips)


Estimated area ratio of 18% projections


How to apply reflective stickers for motorcycles.

3M™ Reflective Marking Tape is easy-to-install, and highly visible with bright retroreflectivity at wide angles. It is built to last with strong adhesion and durable materials. Keep your motorcycle visible all day, and all night.

  • How to apply reflective stickers on motorcycles for safety

    Ensure air and surface temperature is between 18-30°C. Surface must be rust and dirt free. Clean with IPA solution.

  • how to install motorcycle decals

    Mark out a guideline on the surface.

  • how to put stickers on motorcycles

    Remove the liner from the back of the reflective sticker.

  • How to apply reflective stickers on motorcycles

    Gently align the reflective sticker to the guideline. Small adjustments are possible at this stage.

  • how to put decals on motorcycles

    Use a squeegee or a wiper with a sleeve, to apply significant pressure to activate the adhesive. Overlap the strokes so that the whole area is firmly stuck down.

  • How to apply reflective stickers on motorcycles for safety

    Where there are joints or grooves on the surface, cut the reflective sticker. Then continue along the guideline.

  • 3M Reflective Marking Tape for motorcycles

    Learn more about 3M™ Reflective Marking Tape.

    Highly reflective microprismatic lens sheeting with pressure sensitive adhesive. Increases motorcycle visibility, especially when turning or crossing roadways.


    • Durable and rigid
    • Vivid colors and bright white, ensure maximum reflectivity and superior daytime color
    • High performance
    • Allows for application in low temperatures
    • User-friendly with easy release liner


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