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Cold Beverage Water Filtration Products

  • The Challenge

    Excess particulates can shorten the service life of expensive parts of beverage machines. High particulate matter and excess chlorine and chloramine residual can affect the look and taste of beverages.

  • The Solution

    Sanitary Quick Change designed systems from 3M™ Water Filtration Products reduce particulates, chlorine taste and odour, and chloramines (chloramine reduction on select models).

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Find The Right 3M Water Filter For Your Cold Beverage Post-Mix Machines

  • 3M commercial foodservice water filter products cold beverage series.

    Keep a steady stream of customers coming back for more with cold beverages that look and taste consistently delicious. Reduce particulate matter—which can shorten the service life of expensive parts of beverage machines—as well as chlorine and chloramines residual that may affect your beverage taste. With a wide array of filter types available, it can be daunting to decide which filter is most appropriate.*

    Consider the following to help you find the right water filter for cold beverage equipment:

    • Type and number of carbonators (low-flow versus high-flow carbonators; single versus dual)
    • Total flow rate required by the carbonator pumps
    • Overall water-demand (gallons per day of water or number of cups of beverage or number of bag-in-boxes of syrup)
    • Local water conditions (if chloramines are present or not; level of particulates in the water)
  • ¹Certified to NSF Standard 53 for Cyst Reduction based on testing using Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts
    ²As demonstrated with 99.99% reduction of surrogate organism E. coli (ATCC 11229) and P. fluorescens (ATCC 49642) in manufacturer’s lab test.
    *Product Selection and Use: This tool is intended to provide guidance on products for a foodservice application. Since there are many factors that can affect a product’s use, the customer and user remain responsible for determining whether the 3M product is suitable and appropriate for the user’s specific application, including user evaluating the 3M product in user’s application.

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    Filter Out The Doubt

    Your beverages and ice are only be as good as the water they’re made with. Without the right filtration, your drinks could have an off taste and odour—impacting customer experiences. With the 3M™ High Flow CLX Series, you can rely on the industry’s highest chloramine and chlorine taste and odour reduction* in one compact and easy-to-use system. Help maintain your water quality and reputation with solutions that help ensure the consistency of your beverages.

    *Based on a triple manifold system with HF98-CLX at 75,000 gal per cartridge.

Explore 3M™ Water Filtration Products for Cold Beverage Machines

We offer a wide array of cold beverage machine water filter products to help meet your business needs. See the table below to view our most common cold beverage machine water filter products.

Click on a system or replacement link in the table below to find:

  • Product specifications
  • Spec sheets and literature

Cold Beverage Machine Water Filtration Systems and Replacements

  • Note: if you are looking for commercial foodservice water filters that service multiple pieces of foodservice equipment, including post-mix machines, visit our multi-equipment page.

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