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Does your school’s water pass the lead test?

Help ensure your water makes the grade with
NSF-certified lead reduction filtration systems from 3M.


Lead In Water Isn’t Good For Anyone — Especially Not Children

  • The 3M™ Water Filter System 3MFF100 was scientifically designed to reduce up to 99% of lead that may be in your school’s drinking water—as well as reducing cysts and chlorine taste and odour.

    The system requires minimal installation space and features quick and easy filter change-outs. Depending on the number of students, filter cartridges can last up to 12 months and will need to be replaced every 12 months or sooner if filter capacity is reached or the flow rate is reduced.

    You can trust the carbon block technology, pleated membrane design, and 5 -micron pre-filter wrap inside your system are helping to make your water cleaner, clearer and better tasting for your students.

  • 3M carbon block technology in the 3MFF100 filter helps address contaminants that may be in your school’s water
  • The science inside matters.

    The 3MFF100 might look like an ordinary filter on the outside, but inside it’s anything but ordinary. Its three-stage filtration system with carbon block technology provides filtration you can count on to help reduce contaminants that may be in your school’s water. Each product comes with a performance data sheet that shows the list of contaminants that the filter has been shown to reduce and certified by a third-party NSF.

    Stage 1: Pre-Filtration
    Non-woven filtration media that reduces larger size particles to help increase the sediment holding capacity of the filter.

    Stage 2: Fine Filtration
    3M two-zone microporous pleated membrane that reduces 99.99% of protozoan cysts and helps provide excellent sediment life with minimal pressure drop.

    Stage 3: Final Filtration
    Activated Carbon Filtration; 3M carbon block technology for reduction of lead, chlorine and odour and for improved taste.

Best in class water fountains use lead-reducing filtration.

Give your water coolers an A+ for lead reduction.

Certified by NSF and WQA

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