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Helping the world respond to COVID-19

A global pandemic. Unprecedented demand for critical, protective products.

As a leading provider of personal protective equipment (PPE) worldwide, 3M is making more respirators than ever before–and we continue to increase production while working with governments and others to prioritise, and redirect supplies to serve the most critical needs. In addition, 3M is also collaborating with other companies on a range of innovative solutions to address the pandemic.

The PPE industry as a whole is experiencing an unprecedented surge in demand for N95/FFP2 respirators. Some health care facilities have increased their consumption of PPE by up to 40 times from pre-pandemic levels. Even with 3M’s increased production combined with capacity from other manufacturers, the demand for N95 and other respirators continues to exceed industry supply.

During this global crisis, the safety of our employees and the public–including health care workers and first responders fighting COVID-19– is our highest priority. We are grateful for the work our people are doing to support the public health response and continue to take steps to help protect their well-being.


Delivering on our commitments to public health

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    Making more respirators than ever before  
    • Tripled: 3M manufactured 2 billion respirators globally in 2020 – tripling production since 2019.

    • 2.5 billion: 3M is now making respirators at an annual run rate of 2.5 billion per year.

    • Moving forward: 3M is helping business return to work as economies reopen.

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    Getting product to those who need it most
    • Frontlines: Most N95 respirators in Malaysia are now designated primarily for health professionals on the frontline of response, the rest are deployed in other critical industries, including energy, food and pharmaceutical.

    • Critical needs: In regions and countries around the world, 3M is working with governments, distributors and others to prioritize supplies for the most critical customer and public health needs.

    • Collaborating: Working with governments to break down trade barriers and direct respirators to areas of the world most in need.

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    Combatting price-gouging, fraud and counterfeiting
    • Fighting fraud: 3M has launched a global effort to combat fraud and price gouging to help protect the public against those who try to exploit the demand for critical 3M products during the pandemic.

    • Pursuing third parties: 3M is working with law enforcement authorities, technology companies and online resellers to help prevent fraud before it starts and stop it where it is occurring.

    • Reporting fraud: Customers with concerns about fraudulent activity can report them at 3M’s website.

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    Protecting employees and maintaining business continuity
    • Support: We have implemented measures to protect our employees and continue to monitor workplaces around the world to ensure our people have the support they need.

    • Sustaining operations: 3M has been able to sustain operations in different circumstances around the world by working differently, partnering with local experts and governments, and collaborating globally.

    • Open communication: Committed to serving our customers, we will maintain frequent and open communication in this dynamic environment.

FAQs about 3M and COVID-19

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Our customers around the world have had many questions for us due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Below is a list of the most frequently asked question we have received, with answers and links to direct you to more information.

  • An N95 respirator is not a mask. Certain disposable filtering facepiece particulate respirators (like N95s) are similar in appearance to many surgical/procedure masks. Healthcare workers use surgical masks to help protect the patient and sterile field from particles from the healthcare worker as well as to help protect the healthcare workers from high-pressure streams of blood. Respirators contain filter media and form a seal to the face and are designed to help reduce the wearer’s exposure to airborne particles, including droplets that may contain bacteria and viruses. For more information, view the Respirators and Surgical Masks: A Comparison PDF linked here.
  • Yes, we continue to maximize production at our manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and around the world for all types of respirators.
  • We have not increased the prices we charge for respirators as a result of this global crisis, and we will not increase our current prices for respirators being used to help address the pandemic. We do not – and will not – tolerate price gouging, fraud, deception or other activities that unlawfully exploit the demand for critical 3M products during a pandemic. We’re working with law enforcement agencies around the world to aggressively pursue third parties that seek to take advantage of this crisis. As you may be aware, the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) implemented the Maximum Price Scheme to control price increase of essential items throughout the third phase of the Movement Control Order (MCO). To report any irresponsible traders to the Ministry, please WhatsApp KPDENHEP at +60192794317.
  • When properly selected and worn, any of our elastomeric respirator facepieces – when used with an appropriate particulate filter – will help reduce exposure to airborne droplets or aerosols, including those that may contain virus or bacteria. Our half facepiece reusable respirator options include the 6000 Series, 6500 Series, or 7500 Series. All of these would require separate eye protection, per the CDC. Please note that our full facepiece respirators feature integrated eye protection. Additionally, you’d need to select an appropriate particulate filter, and one such option is our 2091 filters, which are recommended to be disposed after every shift.

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If you have questions about the virus and how to best protect yourself, please consult the sources below for the most current guidelines and recommended precautions.