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The Modernized Grid

As the demand for energy increases, it's critical we rethink our grid architecture. 3M is at the forefront of shifting electrical grid technologies to a more sustainable future.


What does the grid of the future look like?

It's undeniable that our world is changing faster than we can keep up.

  • Turning the grid into data

    You can't solve a problem unless you know it's there. 3M grid innovations extend the life of existing infrastructure assets by retrofitting them with digital sensors, gaining insights into problems before a failure.

  • Consumers in Command

    The days of the passive energy consumer are rapidly coming to an end. As consumers take more responsibility and control over their energy usage, while increasing that usage through IoT and blockchains, the need for data transparency will increase.

  • Distributed Energy Resources

    Integrating renewable power generation technologies at a local level that connect to the larger power grid will ease strained systems, and ensure more consistent reliability.

  • The Rise of Smart Cities

    As cities look to better manage their electrical infrastructure, collecting and analyzing data has become a key component to optimizing their systems. To gain operational efficiencies, local authorities and utilities need to multi-directionally share this data so electrical systems can passively reduce usage by reacting to the needs of their environment.

What are 3M's strategic priorities to get there?

  • Focus on Medium Voltage (MV) Infrastructure

    Outages here have widespread impacts. With distributed intelligence, i.e. high-accuracy sensing in MV environments, you gain critical insights.

  • Prioritize Future-Fitting, Not Costly Rip and Replace

    The ideal business case for Grid Modernization is one that combines extending the life of current assets in a cost-effective manner… while preparing for future grid opportunities.

Upgrade your existing infrastructure with 3M Sensored Cable Accessories

Voltage and Current Measurement Made Easy

The 3M™ Sensored Cable Accessory QX-Generation 2.0 enables you to measure critical parameters (voltage, current, phase angle) in an underground MV electrical network. This solution incorporates highly accurate Voltage and Current measurement integrated into a medium voltage accessory: which means you get precise measurements without modification of the installed equipment. Additionally, the sensors are passive components thereby not requiring an external power source for sensing.

3M patented connection system and cold shrink technology assure the easy and fast installation for a wide range of cable cross sections.

  • 3M Sensored Cable Termination product image
    Sensored Termination

    3M™ Sensored Cable Termination QX-2.0 93-ES 620-1 TI24-vi1-C

  • 3M Sensored Cable Separable Plug-In product image
    Sensored Plug-In

    3M™ Sensored Cable Separable (Plug-In) QX-2.0 93-EES 620-1 BI24-vi1-C

  • Real-Time Data for underground systems, designed specifically for primary medium voltage equipment.

    • High Accuracy
    • Economical
    • Quick and Easy Installation
    • Factory Calibrated
    • Short Design
    • Voltage and Current Sensors
      Integrated into One Product
    • Galvanic Isolation Through Capacitor
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Global Focus

We are actively developing predictive maintenance products that are tailored to US and Global Markets, including sensored cable accessories, along with monitoring and analytics platforms

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