3M car interior cleaning kit

Car Interior Cleaning Solutions

Restore and protect your car's leather and vinyl surfaces with 3M's complete interior car cleaning products.


3M Car Care - Interior

Your car is more than a vehicle that gets you to your destination. It is your pride and joy. Take pride in it and keep it looking sharp!

Car upholstery and dashboards fade overtime due to UV exposure and built-up dirt. Keep these surfaces in top form with a Leather & Vinyl Restorer. It deep cleans car seats and vinyl surfaces, leaving an interior that looks and smells new! For a truly spic and span interior, the super absorbent detailing cloth removes residue, fingerprints and oil without streaking delicate surfaces.

Keep the floor of your car clean with a durable Nomad™ Car Mat. It traps dirt and water without soiling the car.

Our selection of interior car cleaning products keeps your car looking as good as brand new!

  • Leather & Vinyl
    Leather & Vinyl

    Keeps leather and vinyl seats looking new.

  • Detailing Cloth
    Microfiber Cloth

    A multi-purpose microfiber cloth for streak-free and smooth cleaning.

  • Car Care Checklist


Leather Care

Use a conditioner to keep leather car seats supple.

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