Why 3M Auto Care Services is Different

For a thorough clean, 3M uses only professional car detailing products to pamper your vehicle. It starts off with a consultation to customise and recommend the right services that your car needs. From start to end, 3M pays special care when cleaning and protecting your car.

  • Consultation

    We consult with you on your car's history and provide a customised solution tailored to your car's condition.

    We make sure we use the right tools for the right condition.


  • Wash and Clay

    Your car is first washed to remove fresh dirt, stains and brake dust.

    Next, it is clayed to remove the remaining contaminants embedded in your car's clear coat.

    A second thorough wash ensures that your car is free from any residual contaminants.

  • Compound and Polish

    Using 3M™ Trizact™ technology, we safely remove light scratches and stubborn stains from your car's painted surfaces without damaging your car's paint+

    3M™ Perfect-It™ EX compounds and polishes then uniformly refines surface defects, virtually removing fine line scratches and swirl marks instead of covering them up with fillers.

  • Interior Clean and Protect

    We breathe new life into your carpet, fabric and leather upholstery by removing dirt stains and other tough soils.

    Your leather and vinyl interior surfaces are revitalized and pampered with our Scotchgard® Leather and Vinyl Protector, making them less vulnerable to harmful UV rays.

  • 3M Paint Coating Protection

    3M™ Paint Coating Protection is then applied and cured to form a strong hydrophobic layer that allows water and dirt to easily glide off your car’s painted surfaces.

    Making washing and maintenance a breeze.

    Reducing the chances of hard to remove etched stains and watermarks.

⁺Kindly note:We will pay special care and attention to addressing water marks, swirl marks and light scratches on the clear coat where possible. However, for deeper scratches or damages to the coloured coats of the paint work, we will identify them and share with you referrals to paint specialist shops for further review.

*  Both sessions of Wash and Wax to be completed within 12 months from the date of detailing service done.
**New Car is defined as < 60 days old. Please flash your vehicle registration date as proof.

Seeing Is Believing

Check out the results of the 3M™ Paint Coating Protection on the cars we have serviced!

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