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3M Car Wiper Blades

Exceptional wiping performance for a streak-free finish.


3M™ Wiper Blades

Driving during a thunderstorm makes it difficult to see the roads. Engineered to sharpen your visibility in any weather condition, the aerodynamic design of these car wiper blades cleans your windshield efficiently. Worried about the blade scratching the glass surface? Gentle on the surface, the high-quality rubber along the blade removes dirt and rain, enabling you to see clearly in any weather.

As wiper blades are exposed to the elements, they tend to wear and tear easily. The UV and heat resistant qualities of both the Silicone and Stainless-Steel (Standard) wiper blades, equips them to withstand seasonal changes.

Designed for ease of use, install 3M™ Wiper Blade inserts by clipping them on. Available in a variety of sizes – they are a perfect fit for any car!

  • Silicone beam wiper blade

    Fits into the curvature of the windshield reducing drag and noise.

  • Stainless-steel frame wiper blade
    Conventional (Standard)

    Engineered for durability, the blade withstands any weather conditions.

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