Fine line scratches and swirl marks gone!

Our 3M Certified Automotive Applicators will groom your car to showroom perfection and shield its painted surfaces from the harsh tropical elements.

Scratch Gone.⁺

3M Certified Automotive Aftermarket Applicators know that once a paint coating goes on your car, every scratch and swirl is amplified. That is why they use 3M™ Perfect-It™ EX products and 3M™ Trizact™ products to make swirl marks and fine line scratches virtually a thing of the past.

Complete the experience with 3M™ Paint Coating Protection to give your car the flawless shine it deserves and make maintenance a  breeze!

The hydrophobic layer will shield your car from our harsh tropical weather such as monsoon rain, sun, dust and dirt.

Protecting your car’s gloss and paint for longer.


    A total rejuvenation of your car’s interior and exterior complete with a protective layer of 3M™ Paint Coating Protection.


    The ultimate spa experience that meticulously details and deep cleanses your car inside and out.

Why 3M Auto Care Services is Different

We do not just wash and dash. From start to end, we pay careful attention to cleaning the exterior and interior of your car.