3M™ Scott™ Air-Supplied Respirators and SCBAs

Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and pressure-demand supplied air respirators (PD-SAR) with emergency self-contained breathing apparatus (eSCBA) are used for many types of operations or for emergency situations. Because air is supplied to the wearer, and when the respirator assembly includes an eSCBA, these may be used when atmospheric contaminants are unknown, or concentrations are potentially unstable.

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3M™ Scott™ Air-Supplied Respirators Product Categories

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    Supplied air systems
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    Escape respirators
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3M™ Scott™ Fire & Safety produces a wide variety of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)  and other associated firefighting, respiratory protection and communication accessories.



Choosing the right air-supplied respirator for the job

  • Confined space

    Confined space work requires careful consideration of both known and unknown hazards. If an atmospheric hazard is anticipated, workers should utilize supplied air respirators with an escape cylinder, such as the 3M™ Scott™ Flite Airline apparatus or an SCBA for short duration work. If atmospheric hazards are not expected and workers are breathing ambient air, worker should have an escape only respirator available, such as the 3M™ Scott™ ELSA EEBD Respirator, for added safety.

  • Emergency response & rescue

    Responding to emergencies often presents unpredictable challenges. Whether that task is rescue or exterior structural firefighting, be prepared by selecting an SCBA that is designed for potential emergencies. Consider an SCBA such as the 3M™ Scott™ Propak-fx SCBA with redundant safety features to protect the emergency response team.

  • Escape & compliance

    A dedicated SCBA for escaping a hazardous environment may not be used regularly. While training employees on the use of the escape respirators is critical, infrequent use can be anticipated. Consider SCBA systems that are easy to use, have the appropriate cylinder duration for escape, and are streamlined to include only the features you need. For escape only, also consider the use of emergency escape devices such as 3M Scott ELSA EEBD Respirators.

  • Air Sampling gauging & assessment

    In some chemical manufacturing processes, routine applications such as taking air samples or checking gauges may involve brief exposure to contaminants. A comfortable and reliable SCBA offers worker mobility for this task and is often the protection of choice.

  • Tank cleaning

    There are several hazardous jobs that require getting dirty. As an example, cleaning or slopping out storage tanks requires a respiratory protection solution that is easier to clean.

  • Hazardous waste operations & emergency response

    Respiratory protection while wearing an encapsulating suit (Level A protection) requires maximum air capacity and safety. An SCBA with the most air afforded could be considered crucial, such as the 3M Scott Propak SCBA with a 60-minute air cylinder. For longer duration work consider a supplied air respirator that will automatically transfer to the escape cylinder if the primary air is disrupted, such as the 3M Scott Flite Airline apparatus. 3M™ Scott™ Fire & Safety also offers communication solutions for all SCBA and airline systems while wearing fully encapsulating (Level A) or chemically protective (Level B) suits.

  • Environmental remediation

    Environmental remediation work requires careful risk assessment for consideration of all potential hazards and federal regulations. Applications where stringent medical surveillance should be applied can include working with asbestos, heavy metals, respiratory sensitisers, ionising radiation and certain biological materials. If an atmospheric hazard is anticipated that is known to cause occupational diseases such as asthma or cancer, use of respiratory protection that offers the highest level of protection as demonstrated by the Assigned Protection Factor (APF).

  • Multiple applications

    Having multiple models of SCBA or airline systems for different applications can present a challenge relating to training, maintenance and product use. Consider one SCBA with versatility for use in multiple applications such as the 3M Scott Propak-fx SCBA, or one supplied air respirator such as the 3M Scott Flite-COV, for use throughout the plant.

Explore your air-supplied respirator choices

Choosing the right respirator for your work environment is highly dependent upon your application, the duration of use, and the hazards you may encounter. 3M™ Scott ™ Air-Supplied Respirators have top-down convertibility.

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    Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)

    These systems can be used to work in, or escape from, hazards including those that are immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH). SCBA offer the greatest user mobility and can be used for work duration up to 75 minutes.


    • Backframe assembly
    • Facepiece
    • Cylinder
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    Supplied air systems (SAR)

    Supplied air respirators can be either constant flow or pressure demand. 3M Scott systems are pressure demand and include Flite Airline apparatus with an escape cylinder and the RAS Airline equipment without an escape cylinder. Respirators that include a cylinder that include a cylinder can be used in environments that are immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH). SAR users can work up to 300 feet away from the air source, and for extended periods of time.


    • Harness assembly
    • Facepiece
    • Cylinder (3M Scott Flite Airline)
  • product image of escape respirator
    Escape respirators

    When workers are in a space that could become hazardous, regulations often require a supply of escape respirators - easy to use, self-contained units with enough air to allow workers to escape to safety.


    • Escape respirator with integrated air cylinder, hose and hood
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