• 3M Filter Replacement Program

    3M Respirator Cartridge and Filter Replacement Guidelines

    This guideline helps protect workers by efficiently managing the respirator cartridge and filter replacement process. The guideline assists you in determining how long a 3M™ Gas & Vapor Respirator Cartridge and/or 3M™ Particulate Filter may be used, and includes the procedures and templates needed to document your replacement program.

    Program Benefits Include:
    Environmental Assessment
    Optimize Protection
    Enhanced Inventory and Safety Management

    Get Started:
    A 4-step process designed to help develop and implement a replacement plan for your workplace.

  • Step 1: Contaminant Identification

    The first step is to identify the contaminants in your workplace using one of these three methods:

    Analysis of Existing Data: Review existing air monitoring data to understand contaminants in your workplace. If contaminants are not known, consult material safety data sheets (MSDS) for potential airborne hazards.

    Workplace Environmental Analysis & Consultant Evaluation: Once potential contaminants are identified,  3M Diffusion and Detection Monitors can be used for certain gas or vapor contaminants to determine the average concentration level in the air. Workplace chemical exposure monitoring (CEM) in complying Occupational Safety and Health (Use and Standard of Exposure of Chemicals Hazardous to Health) Regulations 2000, the air sampling assessment shall conduct by registered hygiene technician (HT1) with Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) and analyses by accredited laboratory.

  • Step 2: Respirator/Filter Selection

    Based on the contaminants and concentrations documented in step two, the 3M™ Select and Service Life Software and Respirator Selection Guide (PDF , 416 KB) will help determine which respirator is recommended for a given exposure situation. It includes data on 800+ chemicals, including gases, vapors and particulates.

  • Step 3: Respirator Cartridge and Filter Replacement Plan

    The cartridge and filter replacement plan implements a process that helps employees replace their cartridges and filters at the appropriate time. To help establish how frequently cartridges should be replaced, visit 3M™ Select and Service Life Software. For filter replacement frequency, it should be changed if found to be dirty or when user experiencing higher breathing resistance.

  • Step 4: Monitoring

    Ongoing record keeping is important for ensuring long-term protection for your workers. It also assists in purchasing and inventory management. This record-keeping template is an example that can help you collect and maintain all the necessary information.

    Download Record-Keeping Template (XLS , 22.50 KB)