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Reusable Respirator Solutions

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Start protecting against respiratory hazards

Workplace health hazards are more than just cuts and burns. Did you know that an average worker in industries such as metal fabrication and shipbuilding can be exposed to over 10 different toxic gas and vapours?

Common toxic gas and vapours include:

  • Chromium a respiratory workplace health hazard

    This causes:
    • Increased risk of lung cancer
    • Skin irritation

  • Manganese a respiratory workplace health hazard

    This causes:
    • Metal fume fever
    • Central nervous system problems

  • Nickel a respiratory workplace health hazard

    This causes:
    • Increased risk of cancer
    • Dermatitis and lung problems

  • Welding process that produces hazardous fumes
  • In metal fabrication, cloths are not enough to protect a worker's respiratory tract from toxic metal fumes. Learn more on how you can deliver optimal respiratory protection even in the toughest environment.


Reusable respiratory solutions by industry

  • Whether it is gouging or welding, we protect your workers in every shop floor.

  • Whether it is machining or moulding, we protect your workers across all processes.

  • Whether it is refining or drilling, we protect your workers from oilfield to plant.

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We offer end-to-end services and solutions that are compliant with the most stringent regulations. We tap our decades of experiences keeping people safe from respiratory hazards to ensure you get the right respiratory solutions through:

  • On-site walkthrough

  • Product trials

  • Fit testing

  • Training and usage

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