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Regulatory Knowledge

3M is committed to helping your business comply with the latest health and safety regulations in the workplace.

What is the 3M Science of Safety?

Science of Safety Overview

Work with our global teams.

  • Around the world, regulatory standards can often fuel the progress of industrial health and safety. As technologies, applications and worksites evolve, safety rules and regulations in the workplace are constantly being refined and improved.

    It is this constant evolutionary process that often proves to be one of the greatest challenges for small and large businesses alike. Whether you’re a safety manager new to your position or a seasoned veteran, each new update to relevant health and safety regulations can require a lot of time and resources to understand how to comply and then properly relay the information to your crew, as well as make the appropriate changes to PPE and on your worksite. It can be enough of a hurdle that many find it challenging just to keep up—much less prepare for impending updates.

    This is why so many businesses seek out 3M for assistance on the regulatory front. We have a global team of dedicated health and safety professionals in place who are responsible to be aware of existing local standards and how they impact the design and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Likewise, this team proactively monitors each global region for updates or new standards.

3M Map of Global Operations

How can our global compliance teams help you?

  • On a large scale, we have helped multi-national companies sort through the varying country-specific regulations that affect their business. In particular, that means that even businesses operating across Europe—where some countries may have different levels of protection requirements—have a resource to help them address these challenges efficiently.

    Ultimately, beyond just trying to save you valuable time and money, our help also goes towards helping you ensure that your workers are properly protected moving forward—no matter where they work.

But we don’t stop there.

  • Because our people spend much of their time in the field working directly with customers to better understand their health and safety challenges, we have a wealth of practical, real-world knowledge and application experience. We actively contribute this information and knowledge back to the global health and safety community. That is why we are a member of a variety of health and safety compliance organizations around the world, participating in public hearings and helping inform the science behind standards for ANSI, NFPA, NIOSH, OSHA, ISEA, ISRP and ISO. In fact, many of the regulatory team at 3M actually do serve as their respective country’s technical experts for ISO, and our research helps provide guidance for this decision-making.

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With a global footprint that spans nearly 70 countries and a commitment to help guide compliance with local safety standards, 3M can help you understand the science of safety through our extensive regulatory knowledge and help you effectively tackle today’s safety challenges. Contact us today to talk to a local 3M specialist regarding a regulatory concern.