Comprehensive Solutions in Truck and Commercial Vehicle Repair

  • For commercial trucks, collision repair requires strength and refinement combined with “time is money” urgency. So 3M delivers a blend of premium materials, well-known brands – Perfect-It™, Accuspray™ PPS™ and Cubitron™, to name a few – and in-depth knowledge for speed, efficiency and pure finished shine in heavy truck and big rig repair. You’ll discover a selection of abrasives, adhesives and coatings that make your truck repairs stronger, longer-lasting and in many cases simpler. You’ll also find a broad library of standard operating procedures and technical information to help refine your commercial truck repair processes. Along with these, 3M provides complete solutions such as our Total Automotive Sanding System for added efficiency across the entire truck repair facility.

  • Technical Articles & Papers
    Standard Operating Procedures

    3M presents a comprehensive collection of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for repairing heavy duty trucks. Here are some three dozen procedures covering nearly every standard collision repair for heavy trucks, including large damage repair, removal and installation of large composite panels, weld bonding, metal working and many more.

  • This base of in-depth knowledge features articles on topics vital to successful heavy duty truck repair. Written by our experience technical and product development experts, these valuable resources include practical information specific to repairing larger vehicles, including plastic repair, corrosion protection and rivet bonding. Others provide tips and advice on higher-level issues such as safety and the importance of maintaining a clean shop environment.

Heavy Duty Truck Repair Product Categories

  • Abrasives / Sanding & Grinding
    Sanding & Grinding

    Featuring our 3M™ Cubitron™ II Abrasives – our highest-performing for cutting, grinding and sanding – these discs, sheets and cut-off wheels allow for speed and precision in heavy truck repair jobs from metal working to sanding filler and glaze. Discover how the right abrasives can help deliver higher-quality repairs, less rework and improved productivity, job after job.

  • 3M brings a core science to the art of heavy duty truck repair. Adhesive products include urethanes, epoxies, spray-on adhesives, and more to make heavy truck repair faster and more efficient. Explore adhesives for permanent, quick-stick emblem and trim attachment, fiberglass repair and OEM-specified structural bonding with our Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive (IRSA).

  • For protection against corrosion, noise and impact, 3M has you covered with repair coatings to go in, on or under the heavy duty rig. 3M™ Cavity Wax Plus helps prevent internal corrosion, and 3M™ Weld Thru II prevents galvanic corrosion between welded bare metals. A range of coatings and is available for rocker panels, plus water-based and rubberized paintable undercoats.

  • 3M provides Platinum™ and Platinum™ Plus, the premium collision repair fillers and putties on the market today, for heavy duty truck repair shops. These materials adhere to substrates including aluminum and galvanized steel. Used with or without the 3M™ Dynamic Mixing System (DMS), they are formulated for smooth, level application and an absolute minimum of pinholes.

  • 3M has dedicated years of research and development to the 3M™ Accuspray™ ONE Spray Gun System and the revolutionary 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 disposable spray cup system. Together, this equipment for dedicated paint professionals in heavy duty truck repair makes for fast, consistent application of multiple coatings – all from one gun, with minimal cleaning and maintenance.

  • 3M provides tapes, masking paper and sheeting material for a wide range of heavy duty truck collision repair masking needs. We also feature our Dirt Trap products – rolls of surface protection material that trap paint and dirt instead of spreading it. And our 3M™ Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric resists oil, grease and most solvents, ideal for clean, efficient truck repair facilities.

  • The finest 3M paint finishing products can help you roll out commercial trucks that really shine in less time. Featuring our Perfect-It™ and Trizact™ brands, our complete system of compounds, polishes, abrasives and tools delivers everything you need to repair truck panels from defect removal to ultrafine polish – simple steps toward the perfect paint finish, every time.

  • Total Automotive Sanding System
    Total Automotive Sanding System

    Dust is your biggest enemy in any collision repair shop – until now. This system combines premium 3M abrasives with tools, workstations, organizers and a mobile dust extraction unit that collects dust as it’s created. It keeps the shop more appealing, keeps your technicians mobile, and keeps dust from settling where it shouldn’t, reducing rework. Learn more about the benefits.

Related Products

  • Conspiquity Markings
    Conspicuity Markings

    3M provides conspicuity markings and reflective tapes for a range of heavy duty vehicles including trucks and trailers, buses and emergency vehicles such as ambulances. These products and resources help maximize visibility and improve roadway safety in adherence to transportation regulations for commercial vehicles.

  • Your choice in personal protective equipment (PPE) for the heavy duty truck repair shop is crucial to maintaining safety – by the job, by the day, and over the long term. Explore premium PPE from 3M, including ear protection, protective eyewear, welding helmets, and a wide range of respirators and related equipment.

Featured Heavy Duty Truck Repair Products

  • 3M™ Cubitron™ II File Belt 786F is excellent for jobs that traditionally require drilling, like removing spot welds and grinding out rivets during heavy duty truck repair. 3M™ Precision Shaped Grain delivers an exceptionally fast cut and longer abrasive life. A resin bond and a grinding aid help it run cooler vs. traditional abrasive belts.

  • 3M packs a lot of work into the 3M™ Cubitron™ II Flap Disc 967A. It combines a flexible, overlapping flap design with our 3M™ Precision-Shaped Grain which cuts 30% faster and lasts 2x as long vs. traditional abrasives. This makes it extremely versatile: you can do low-pressure grinding, small weld removal, finishing and surface prep with just one disc.

  • Festool Compressed Air Eccentric Sander / Mudhog
    Festool Compressed Air Eccentric Sander LEX 2 185/7

    Designed to make quick work of large jobs, this lightweight, compact and durable sander is excellent for quickly sanding large surfaces. If features a 7 mm sanding stroke and works with a 7-1/4" sanding disc for large coverage capacity and high material removal rate. The versatile LEX 2 is excellent for use with the Total Automotive Sanding System.

  • Self stick surface protection fabric
    3M™ Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric

    This adhesive-backed surface protection material is ideal for heavy truck shops. It applies easily to floors and equipment. It resists oil, grease and other harsh fluids as well as light impact and abrasion. Its nonwoven surface traps dirt and liquids, helping prevent it from spreading. When it’s time to replace it, just peel it up – it removes without residue. Save time and money, reducing prep and cleanup time.

  • Important Note
    There are of course many factors and variables that can affect an individual repair, so the technician and repair facility need to evaluate each specific application and repair process, including relevant vehicle, part and OEM guidelines, and determine what is appropriate for that repair.
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