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Automated warehouse sorting machines
The next frontier in factory automation

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Advance your factory automation with connected solutions from 3M

Tomorrow’s factories and distribution centers are lean, nimble and able to respond to demand as soon as the market moves. Automation systems help manufacturers and logistics firms operate more efficiently, saving on labor and maintenance while staying ahead of the competition. Combining emerging technologies with bench-to-bench support, collaborate with 3M for designing a more modern, efficient operation.

A total-facility automation portfolio

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The components in an automation system must work together seamlessly to capture the greatest efficiency gains. Our portfolio offering combines solutions in sensors, machine vision, motion control and communication to keep signals flowing in real time, allowing you to control every part of your process.

  • 3M™ Mini-Clamp Connectors


    Sensors are the “nervous system” of the operation, tracking pressure, temperature, humidity and other conditions that impact goods and performance. Design systems that keep goods flowing with next-generation technologies from 3M.

    With their small size and easy installation, 3M™ Mini-Clamp, 3M™ Mini Stack and 3M™ Link Connectors are an ideal solution for machine control systems. They allow for more connections in a smaller space, which can help you reduce cost and pack in more intelligence and features. They also help you simplify installation and maintenance, enabling better visibility into the parts of the process that need attention to maintain quality product output.

  • 3M™ M-Clamp Connectors

    Machine vision

    Next-generation machine vision cameras and systems are integral to automation systems that can react in real time to products as they move through the facility, helping to maintain efficiency and quality.

    Design machine vision that gives you insight into every step of your process with cables and connectors well-suited for assembly lines, pick-and-place applications, visual inspection applications and automated guided vehicles.

    3M supports major standards in industries such as Camera Link, USB3 VisionR and CoaXPress.

  • 3M™ Link Connector

    Cables and connectors

    Cables and connectors are at the core of any factory or industrial automation solution.

    The 3M™ Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR), 3M™ Shielded Compact Ribbon (SCR) System and 3M™ IEEE1394 connectors are robust, reliable and well-proven connection systems designed to meet the needs of industrial applications. They support a wide range of applications in industrial machines such as motion control signaling and inter cabinet signal transmission.

    Also, 3M offers a wide variation of long-established ribbon cable connectors, board-to-board connectors and flat cables for variety of industrial applications.

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Read our whitepaper on machine vision.

Achieving more effective interfaces, today and for the future.


Case studies

See how 3M is helping build a more connected world

  • Graphic representing AnywireASLINK network cost and time savings

    Breakthrough factory automation: AnywireASLINK

    See how 3M™ Link Connectors helped reduce total system cost and connector assembly time for the AnywireASLINK network.

    • 30% total system cost reduction
    • 80% connector assembly time savings
    • 50% connector component cost reduction

  • Engineers walking through automated manufacturing facility

    The bench-to-bench advantage

    A supplier you can depend on for materials and support.

    When you choose 3M factory automation solutions, you get more than just components you can trust. Our team of application engineers will work with you every step of the way, guiding your deployment and helping you get the most from our solutions. Our “bench-to-bench” collaboration means our experts become part of your team, and the insights we gain by working together help guide the continuous improvements that set 3M solutions apart.

Ready to get automated?

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