Upstream Solutions

Upstream Solutions

Upstream: Exploration and Production

  • Every day, exploration, recovery and production operations around the world are putting advanced 3M technologies to use, helping to:

    • Enhance the efficiency of directional drilling operations 
    • Reduce downtime and maintaining risers, pipeline and equipment 
    • Protect the health and safety of workers in hazardous environments

Upstream Solutions

  • Drilling & Cementing
    Drilling & Cementing

    Density-reducing additives, filtration for production fluids, and other advanced 3M technologies specially engineered to optimize performance in extreme environments and downhole operations.

    Lightweighting Drilling Fluids

    Lightweighting Cements

  • Flow Assurance
    Flow Assurance

    Help ensure reliable product flow by reinforcing umbilicals, risers and flowlines, and by protecting them from high pressures, extreme cold and corrosive chemicals.

    Increasing Buoyancy

    Pipeline Insulating

  • Tubular & Casing Corrosion Protection
    Tubular & Casing Corrosion Protection

    Corrosion protection solutions from 3M help to extend the life of steel pipelines, flowlines and structural components – reducing downtime, maintenance costs and the risk of pipeline failure.

    Liquid Pipe Coatings

    Flowline Corrosion Protection