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We invite you to learn how 3M's technical expertise and spirit of innovation can help you increase production in extreme environments, extend the life of valuable equipment, and protect the health and safety of your people.

  • With challenging geographies, rising operational costs and environmental concerns, accessing established and unconventional reserves is getting harder all the time. But you can conquer these challenges – from oil sands, to desert rigs, to permafrost and offshore platforms – with breakthrough 3M products and technologies designed to help you meet productivity goals with confidence.

    Drilling & Cementing

    Refinery & Production Filtration

    Metal Fabrication

    Communications & Networking

  • From well head to gas pump, your operations are built on a solid steel foundation. Fighting back the continual abrasion, corrosion and weathering of your assets is a constant endeavor. More than 60 years ago, 3M invented Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Coating to protect steel pipes and has been developing new and innovative ways to protect your critical infrastructure ever since.

    Flow Assurance

    Corrosion Protection

    Pipeline Locating & Marking

    Retail Branding