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Nighttime reflectivity material comparison
Road Sign Orientation Uniformity - why does it matter?

Watch the video and download the report on our next page to see for yourself.


Traffic Signs

  • Whether you're using digital printing or traditional fabrication methods for traffic signs, 3M has you covered. We provide retroreflective sheeting, inks, and overlays to help you fabricate high-quality traffic signs.

High-Performing Traffic Signs

Here are three important characteristics for reflective sheeting to consider:

  • deliver retroreflective traffic signs using 3M reflective sheetings
    Retroreflective Material for Increased Visibility

    Brightness matters. You can download our white paper on traffic sign brightness here.

  • reflective sheeting for traffic signs

    With 3M, you can count on long-lasting and effective signs that help drivers get home safely. 

    Contact us on our support page to learn more.

  • learn more about 3M reflective sheetings for traffic signs
    Observation and Entrance Angles

    In this demonstration, you’ll see how elevated seating positions impact sign visibility and how higher-performing sign sheeting can help.

    Traffic sign fabrication and orientation also matter in creating signs that reflect from different angles. Learn more about road sign orientation uniformity here.

Featured Products:

3M™ Advanced Flexible Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting Series 7300

  • traffic sign reflective material

    Seeing is Believing

    For non-critical signs and temporary traffic control applications, 3M™ Advanced Flexible Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting Series 7300 is the flexible and compatible sheeting you’ve been looking for.

    Its retroreflectivity meets ASTM D4956 Type I for non-critical street and road signs, and its bright white color makes it highly visible and ideal for eye-catching graphics.

    View product details for Series 7300.

3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³ Reflective Sign Sheeting

  • Diamond grade reflective signs on highway at night

    Outsmart the Dark

    DG³ sheeting is our top-of-the-line reflective sign sheeting. With nearly twice the reflectivity of our lower-grade signage material, 3M™ Diamond Grade Sheeting helps create more visible signs, and more visible signs have been shown to cut nighttime accidents by up to 46%.*

    Learn more about 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³ and how it compares to other sheeting types on our next page.


    *Ripley, D.A, Howard R. Green Company, ITE AB04H313, Quantifying the Safety Benefits of Traffic Control Devices - Benefit-Cost Analysis of Traffic Sign Upgrades, 2005 Mid-Continent Transportation Research Symposium Proceedings.

Urban Roads Can Be Challenging. Help Motorists See the Signs.

  • We offer a variety of sheeting types to help you improve the visibility and effectiveness of traffic signs in urban areas—including state-of-the-art ASTM Type XI sheeting and a range of fluorescent colours. Give your road users the guidance they need.


Sign Sheeting Types

Explore traffic sign sheeting by Performance level and ASTM Standard.

  • 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Reflective Sign Sheeting helps improve safety by providing higher luminance values than our other sheeting at distances most critical to drivers.

    Available for ASTM Standards:
    ASTM Type IX
    ASTM Type XI

  • 3M™ High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting provides high levels of retroreflectivity for traffic signs, work zone devices, and delineators.

    Available for ASTM Standards:
    ASTM Type III
    ASTM Type IV

  • 3M™ Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting is designed for production of non-critical traffic signs and devices.

    Available for ASTM Standard:
    ASTM Type I

Sign Fabrication Techniques

  • There are many advantages to digital sign printing. Not only does it offer you quick on-demand printing, but you also have the flexibility to create custom traffic signs with digital printing for any level of production.

  • Traditional road sign being manufactured
    Traditional Sign Fabrication

    Whether your team uses cut copy, EC Film, or screen printing techniques, 3M has the inks, protective overlaminates, and a variety of sheeting to support your manufacturing process.

Resources for Traffic Signs