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3M brings precision, performance and efficiency to your semiconductor manufacturing process.

Semiconductor manufacturing industry solutions
  • Technology trends in 5G, augmented and virtual reality, IoT, and autonomous driving are fueling an unprecedented demand for smaller devices with increased functionality, memory and speed. Semiconductors are a key variable in meeting new requirements and it’s up to manufacturers to find solutions. That’s where 3M can help. From semiconductor fabrication and advanced packaging, to component packaging and manufacturing equipment support and maintenance, our goal is to improve product performance, process efficiency and yield, so you can move confidently into the future.

    3M has applied decades of science-based expertise to a range of materials for semiconductor manufacturing processes and equipment solutions. Our innovations are used in etching and deposition, CMP and surface-finishing materials for wafer processing, advanced packaging materials, tape and reel for chip transport, and materials for wafer doping and ion implantation. For equipment support, we’ve developed proprietary fluid technology for cleaning and thermal management.

    We want our innovations to help you shape the future of the semiconductor manufacturing industry. 3M material experts are here to apply extensive research and development to your needs and deliver a solution through our global manufacturing reach. With access to more than 50 technology platforms, no challenge is too complex — we’re ready to help.

Semiconductor equipment, manufacturing and packaging solutions

At 3M, we can help you overcome material challenges found in semiconductor manufacturing processes, equipment and handling.

  • Semiconductor fabrication solutions
    Semiconductor fabrication solutions

    Drive productivity, lower cost of ownership and improve yields in CMP processes for current and advanced node semiconductor manufacturing with CMP pads and pad conditioners from 3M.

  • Semiconductor advanced packaging process
    Semiconductor advanced packaging process

    Solutions for advanced IC packaging enable the latest wafer- and panel-level packaging processes and protect key components during intense high-temperature processing methods.

  • Semiconductor component packaging
    Semiconductor component packaging

    Shipping and storage can be hard on delicate components — high-precision tape and reel semiconductor packaging solutions from 3M can help prevent damage and increase productivity.

Semiconductor manufacturing product categories

  • 3M temporary bonding and debonding solutions
    Temporary bonding and debonding

    See better consistency and improve yield from wafer- and panel-level packaging and related processes with existing and future 3M temporary bonding and debonding solutions.

  • Man in scrubs holding clear blue disc from semiconductor process protection.
    Process protection

    Our adhesive products are intended to offer exceptional protection during high-temperature processes and are anticipated to increase efficiency in wafer bumping.

  •  Boron Nitride Cooling Fillers
    Boron nitride cooling fillers

    These micro-structured additives literally improve the “cool factor” of electronics by helping conduct and dissipate heat in chip components.

  • CMP and Surface Finishing Materials
    CMP and surface finishing materials

    3M CMP and surface finishing materials can help increase productivity, improve yields and provide high quality process performance.

  • Stable Isotopes
    Stable isotopes

    Up to 99.9999% pure, these customizable boron dopants meet or exceed industry standards for high purity, and are helping expand R&D possibilities.

  • Tape and Reel
    Tape and reel

    Help protect your components during shipping and storage to meet your requirements and increase productivity.

  • Test and  Burn-In Sockets
    Test and burn-in sockets

    The versatile product design helps enable reliable performance for test and burn-in applications.

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